Conditions for use

Terms of service


1.    Usage post registration

Due to legal grounds and the safety of the filmed teachers and pupils the educational films are only allowed to be played in protected environments with the exclusive purpose for education and continuous development of (upcoming) teachers. For this purpose you are able to click on ‘Create New Account’’ to get temporary access to the videos. By registering on the video portal ‘Learning by Curiosity’ of the science society of the Radboud University Nijmegen, henceforth called ‘video portal’ and the use of this offer, you confirm that you read and accept these terms of service. You cannot register an account if you do not accept the terms of service. There will be no access to the video portal in that case.


2.    State of employment upon registering.

Upon registering you confirm that you are employed in an educational environment or are enrolled with a University of education. You are also granting us permission to verify your statements and collect information from third party people. The right of access expires after three years and upon request can be extended, as long as the previous mentioned requirements are still applicable. Please provide us a name of a person or institution that can verify you as a teacher or student, so we are able to legally verify your information. Upon agreeing you declare that you are aware that all the filed information will be saved and used for administration of the access to the video portal.


3.     Terms of service for the protection of participants.  

With these videos the teachers and their students offer a peek in their world of education, so the viewer has access to authentic materials. We, along with the viewer owe the participants our gratitude. Each viewer is encouraged to treat the participating persons and contents with respect and dignity and to express this during the analyses and discussions as well. Even though these are all experts in the world of education, sometimes things do not go as planned. We have made the decision to not cut these parts out. The structure of the lesson remains presented in a natural way. Reflecting on your own teaching practice (or the first lesson) helps to develop understanding in the failed situations and to keep this in mind in the analysis. To protect and guarantee the safety of the participating people we have created the following user agreement:




4.    Liability

The Radboud University Nijmegen cannot be held responsible and gives no guarantee for the legality or correctness of the linked contents and does not license them to herself. Financial reimbursement at the address of the Radboud University are only imaginable with clear intent and big neglect. This does not apply to the violation of essential contractual obligations, that is to say, those obligations that fully respect the proper performance of the contract and on whom the contractual partner regularly trusts and trusts, as well as damage to life, body and health. This limitation of liability also works in favor of members or employees of Radboud University. In case of significant breach of contract, liability to the distinctive rules of the contract and foreseeable damage is limited.


5.    Rights of protection of the Radboud University Nijmegen

Users of the video portal are obliged to exclusively  use the available materials for their own study or educational purposes, within the frame of the limitations that are implemented under the terms of service. After approval the user will not obtain a license or any rights with regards to the contents of the video portal.


6.     Final provisions

Your access to the video portal can be revoked without any reason given, especially when you are violating the terms of this user agreement, or if your personal information that you have provided is not truthful, up to date or complete. You acknowledge that your login information (consisting of username and password) are personal and not easy to guess. It is forbidden to share your login information with others. Upon registering the collected information will be saved and used for administration purposes We will not use the information for any other purpose and will not give them to third parties. We reserve the right to change the terms of service at any moment. By signing in to the video portal you automatically accept the changes. You will be informed about changes to the terms of service at the login window. We explicitly point out that we do not provide a guarantee for the reachability of this service. We can stop the content and the use of the video portal at any given time, without prior announcement. There are no legal entitlements to the usage of our offer.


7.    Legitimacy and jurisdiction

The terms form the legal agreement between the Radboud University Nijmegen, the University of Applied Sciences of Arnhem and Nijmegen, the Niewste Pabo Sittard, Berufskolleg Vera Beckers in Krefeld and the Hochschule Niederrhein located in Mönchengladbach

We reserve the exclusive right to take legal actions upon abuse. In the case of invalid sections of this agreement this will not have any effect on the remaining sections. The invalid parts will be replaced by a replacement clause that matches the intent of the agreement closest to the economical meaning of the invalid section. The same goes in case the terms of service are not complete or unfeasible. The relationships between the Radboud University and the user in regards to the usage of the video portal are designed to meet the compelling international private rulings of the Dutch Law system, with exception of the UN-law agreements. The court of Justice responsible for all disputes that result in the business relationship between the Radboud University Nijmegen and the customer is Arnhem. Mandatory legal rulings with regards to the exclusive jurisdiction are exempted from this regulation.